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The Arabic word “wazifa” in English signifies “to utilize”or “to employ. The term wazifa is generally used to allude to the act of chanting of a few verses or expressions to look for a particular support or reward to solve problems like Love Marriage, love problems, etc.Love Marriage

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A wazifa is different than a Dua, which is another form of prayer for granting a wish. This should always be performed for a morally correct reason. If you have sinned severely your wazifa may not always work. Allah is bound to inflict harm to you as a punishment for the deed you have committed.

There are several rules for reading and practicing a wazifa and only proper execution of the rules will make a wazifa successful. –

  • Always do a wazifa for a proper or correct reason.
  • Your pronunciation must be perfect.
  • 5 times salah is compulsory in case of any kind of wazifa. You need to obey Allah first and then expect results from a wazifa.
  • Your income should be halal.
  • You must perform wazifa during the same time and at the same place everyday. In case you have to shift to another place, carry your prayer mar.
  • You should be wearing a wudu and your body should be clean.
  • Always dress up in an Islamic attires while performing wazifa.
  • Read wazifas alone in a room.
  • You are not allowed to talk to anyone or make gestures at anyone during a wazifa.
  • You are not allowed to shave during the period of a wazifa. It is a violation.
  • Apply non alcoholic perfume while doing wazifa.
  • Wazifa lets you see your results while dreaming. You must sleep on the floor and have a clean bed. You should sleep in the Holy Prophet’s sleeping position.
  • Never speak lies during a wazifa period.
  • You cannot perform two different wazifas at the same time.
  • Never leave a wazifa in the half way process. Always complete the total phase and results are bound to come to you.
  • Never ask many times why wazifa is not working. You have to keep patience and wait until the wazifa takes shape. At one point of time, success will arrive

How does Wazifa for Love Marriage used?

Wazifas can be used for granting wishes in all spheres and aspects of life. Wazifas related to marriage and fixing problems in marriage are very popular and effective, There are many women and men who want to get married, but fails to get a proposal due to numerous reasons. If you want Love marriage and have tried many ways to get a good proposal, but failed every time, you can use a strong wazifa for marriage proposal.

People fail to get good marriage proposals on basis of many aspects like lack of education, not having a good job or wealth or because they belong to some lower caste or class. A strong wazifa for marriage proposal can bring about a complete change in the bad luck regarding marriage proposals.

Once such a wazifa is offered properly, successful results are bound to arrive and shortly you will start receiving marriage proposals. This is a very effective wazifa and must be performed maintaining all the rules and methods strictly.

Wazifa for acceptance of Love Marriage Proposal

Wazifa for acceptance of marriage proposal is another super effective wazifa regarding marriage proposals. Before a marriage is fixed, the girl’s family meets up with the guy’s family to know each other and determine whether the marriage will be finalized or not.

In many cases, a marriage is called off after the meeting of two families in case of differences and mismatches. Parents would always want their daughter to get married in the best family possible. Many times, parents really like a certain proposal and want that to happen, but there is always a risk of the proposal being turned down after the meeting of the two families.

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In case you really like a proposal and do not want it to get rejected, you should make a wazifa for acceptance of marriage proposal. This wazifa makes sure that your proposal will be accepted by the other family and the marriage you desired will be finalized. This wazifa can be done by parents of a person who will get married and also by the person himself/herself.

Parents approval Wazifa for Love Marriage

Many people fall in love and wants to get married to that desired person. However, in our country, many such love marriages are disrupted because of issues of the parents. Our country is still dominated by orthodox practices and many parents do not wish their son or daughter to get married against their choice.

There could be indifference regarding religion, caste, creed, class, wealth, education, job and many more. The majority of people cannot get married without the blessings of parents and thus due to the discontent of parents, many desired marriages do not happen.

If you want to get married with your beloved, but your parents do not agree to the marriage, you can try a wazifa to convince parents for love marriage. This is a very fruitful wazifa and proper utilization will yield perfect results.

After a successful wazifa of this sort, your parents will finally agree with your choice of marriage. Their previous disagreement will disappear and they will understand your love. You will be able to have your dream love marriage using this wazifa with the blessing of your parents.

Working Wazifa for Love Marriage

People who fall in love and have a relationship usually aim to get married in the long run and start a family together. However, in case of many couples the mariage does not happen in the end and you see your beloved getting married to someone else.These situations can happen because of various reasons and circumstances. Anyone who is in love with a person for a long time would want a permanent relationship i.e. marriage.

If you are deeply in love with someone and want to get married to that person from heart. Then, you can do a wazifa for marriage from loved ones. Practicing this wazifa will allow you to marry the one your love and nothing will come in the way. A successful execution of this wazifa will result in your marriage with the one your desire without any obstacle.

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